rawman-proj Rawman and Green-girl has a little something for everyone in the family. Plenty of cartoon action for the kids, and enough educational content to keep mom and dad happy.

They fight a never-ending battle to save the planet from our ecological shortsightedness and from those that would abuse our world for their own benefit.

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Dynamite Brothers follows the adventures of former street kids, Zack and Zane Logan as they attempt to balance life with their adoptive family and their secret lives as karate-kicking crime fighters.
The show is based on the short film Dynamite by Noah Nelson, starring Ron Gilmore and G.K. Holderer.

The pilot episode was written by Patrick Rieger and voiced by Aaron Groben and Chris Oliver. Once the animatic is completed we’ll pitch the show to Network and Cable TV outlets. You can watch part one of a rough animatic here.